Friday, November 11, 2011

Back to Austin via Lihue

sign in Lihue directing us to both places we had stayed -
Poipu and Hanalei - had fun in Waimea too

cowbird - we had seen them all around - just never close up

bike route

Kalapaki Bay
We went looking for the real Kuki'i Lighthouse, but didn't find it.

Surfers and paddle boarders at Kalapaki Beach

Orange Cordia blossoms

Orange Cordia Tree

At JJ's Broiler overlooking Kalapaki Bay we shared our table with another couple whose table got rained on. We were under cover and invited them to sit with us. They (Dan and Adriane) were leaving  half an hour later than us to go back to San Francisco. They were passing time just like we were. Tom had some great fish tacos and I had tasty fish chowder. We talked to them later at the airport. 
Adriane was randomly chosen for the patdown, just like I was.

Thank you, Kauai, for a wonderful vacation!

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