Friday, November 11, 2011

Last Day of Dream Vacation Begins



a breakfast of champions - scrambled eggs,
raisin bran with bananas, fresh Hawaiian pineapple,
and Kauai Gourmet coffee

our daily rainbow

little birdies on the deck railing

waiting for sunshine so we could go snorkeling

blogging while waiting

beauty on the walk to the beach
(red ginger)

a second daily rainbow

heavenly hibiscus

the philodendrum of your dreams

beach flowers growing right out of the rocks!

close-up of beach flowers

great playground for family fun

traces of rain

Here we're walking through the Poipu Beach Park headed back to the condo.
We forgot to take pictures of us in snorkeling gear in our rush to "just do it" before the next cloud cover. The  fish are more colorful and the water is clearer underneath sunshine. We saw lots of brightly colored fish and other sea creatures. It was my first time to snorkel, ever. I requested a life jacket to wear, and it was just perfect to keep me afloat so I could enjoy the experience. We only had an hour to see what we could see in the sea, but it was plenty of time. I think I swallowed some salt water so I felt a little sick on the walk back to the condo, but was fine after a shower. The time had come to pack up and leave Poipu. :(

Tom taking a suitcase and the recycles to the car.

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