Friday, November 11, 2011

Last Hoopla - Wailua River Lookout

I love maps!

Wailua River Lookout

Opaeka'a Falls
from the lookout across the street from
the Wailua River Valley Lookout

check out the trees by the falls

a little closer

maximum zoom for this little camera

photo op for me with Opaeka'a Falls

Tom's turn with Opaeka'a Falls

marker for the highest peak on the island of Kauai


distant peak is Wai'ale'ale

Wai'ale'ale is 5,148 ft

view of Fern Grotto, a lush lava tube, popualar tourist attraction

the four specks in the river are kayaks


bougainvillea at lookout point

last glimpse of monstrous falls

looks just like yellow belles found right here in Texas

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