Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daily Rainbow Collection - Kauai

Nov 5
from Hanalei Villa driveway

Nov 6
from our balcony at Hanalei Villa

Nov 7
from Kalalua Trail

Nov 8
from the helicopter

Nov 8
from the car on the way to Poipu from Lihue
Nov 8
from the little grocery store parking lot
(same as from car above)

Nov 8
waiting for the boat tour
Nov 9
walking down to the pier for the boat tour

Nov 10
walking to Poipu Beach from our condo

Nov 10
almost to the beach
Nov 10
at the beach

Nov 10
close-up at the beach at Poipu
in all it's splendor and glory--
remember God's promise?

Nov 11
from the condo balcony

Nov 11
last time to Poipu Beach

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