Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flowering Qince Invincible!

A couple of years ago I was ready to cut out the flowering quince bushes growing on the southeast corner of our house. We had planted them shortly after we moved into the house in 1982. I had never seen them bloom more that a handful of blossoms and decided that we should plant something there with a little more beauty. After all, in 2010 we had surrounded the area with a garden fence in hopes of having fresh veggies to eat and flowers to make our yard a little prettier. In early February of 2012, I went out to the garden to check on something and found that our flowering quince had outdone itself. It was absolutely gorgeous, so I blogged about it at

Then, last year I was even more impressed because the blossoms were profusely prolific, as noted at

This year we've had numerous nights and days of below freezing weather, so the multitudes of blossoms are a little later than the two previous years, but there are lots of blossoms in spite of the crazy weather. The color seems to be deep pink rather than coral, and some of the petal edges have the look of frost bite. So, once again, I had to document the amazing, prolific and persistent flowering quince! You know they were attractive because bees were buzzing everywhere..


I think these were early blossoms bitten by frost:

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