Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One more thing

I almost forgot. The garden looks great because of the rain last night and last weekend! But the most exciting thing was a little tiny tomato. I know. It's late. But we had to wait for the fence to be built before we could plant the garden. The deer have already visited our front flowerbed next to the sidewalk two times since the rain we had Friday night, and today is Tuesday! The deer resistant plants are working pretty well, only a few leaves missing on one Black-eyed Susan, two blossoms chopped off the Verbena, and a few missing petals on a Zinnia! I hope I added to their deterrance (sp?) tonight by sprinkling some ground red pepper on them.

Thawing Out

I just realized a short while ago that my feelings have been slightly paralyzed. My previous posts from almost a year ago help me understand why. Also the memories of going to Houston around this time last year are uncovering the loss that I have buried for self preservation and protection. For going on.

I miss my friend Marilyn often, yet I have a deep peace inside knowing that she is no longer suffering from the struggle to breathe, the sore throat, the lack of strength and energy, and the list goes on. She never gave up the will to live and be well. She had an iron faith. She was a dear friend and I miss her. My peace comes from knowing that when I leave this earth we will meet again at the feet of Jesus. No more sickness. No more weeping. No more frozen feelings. But pure joy! It will be a glorious day!

Meanwhile, may I fulfill the purpose God has for me here on this crazy earth.