Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day Off

A day off from work is good for the soul. Probably the heart rate and blood pressure too! My sometimes quarreling dogs are at my feet laying side by side on a blanket while I pay bills online and catch up on this and that.

I'm only a little sad today because I won't be with Tom and Rachel when they meet up with some old friends from back in the 80's when we moved to Austin--Doug and Deb Sorensen. May their reunion be fun, joy-filled, and a highpoint of Ragbrai!

It is fun to tweet and blog! Sometimes it's hard to comprehend...


Okay. I opened a Twitter account a few days ago so I could Tweet with the rest of the world! My handle is "postoakroots" which gave me great satisfaction as it seems to validate my humble beginnings in a little community called Post Oak. I'm sure my blurps will be sporadic, but never-the-less the opportunity to express my thoughts is at my fingertips!


Our most recent accomplishment has been to put up an iron fence to keep the deer out of our newly planted garden!