Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kauai Coffee

We were driving down the road back to Poipu after getting off our boat tour in Port Allen and I saw the Kauai Coffee Shop sign so we had to stop!

sidewalk art

coffee beans 

coffee bean bush - one of many in many rows

We walked the 1/8th mile walking tour.
I took pictures of all the other walking tour markers,
but liked posting the interesting plants more, for now.

a row of very large Norfolk Pine
I used to have one until last winter!
No freezing weather here. Ever!

Plumeria tree with blossoms

We think this is a sugar cane plant. There are no more sugar cane plantations on Kauai. The last one shut down in 2009. But they do still have some sugar cane plants because we could have bought some fresh sugar cane, but we opted for fresh pineapple instead. It was scrumptous.

old piece of coffee bean processing equipment

"Wet Plant" for coffee bean pulverizing process, with auger on this side

weepy looking plant with awesome blossoms
(Weeping Bottlebrush Tree)


Weeping Bottlebrush blossom - beautiful!

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