Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kahanu Boat Tour

"Welcome to Port Allen"
Our daily rainbow showed up again. Another double!

We had our reservations with Kahanu Catamaran boat tours.

Checked in here at 7:30 a.m. ready to take our tour on the west side of Kauai

Our tour was on the smaller white boat with the blue windshield, Catamaran Kahanu.

Captain Lani up top. Below is Christian, first mate and tour guide.

In the distance is Ni'ihau, the forbidden island, about 17 miles from the boat.

Catching a glimpse of a peak in a large valley.

Just one of many spectacular views on our boat tour.
The captain said the waters were calm for this time of year
so we were able to ride along closer than usual to the island.

Snorkeling Tom. He said there were some beautiful fish below.

The profile of peaks on the north side of Kauai after we turned around to go back to Poipu.
When we were in Hanalei I couldn't ever snap quickly enough to capture these peaks.

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