Monday, November 7, 2011

Kalalau Trail

On Monday, Nov. 7th, we went for a hike on Kalalau Trail. The weather had been raining sporadically many times daily since we arrived in Hanalei. We decided to brave getting wet again, see what we could see. We stopped often to take pictures as the trail had many beautiful views.

Entrance to Kalalau Trail

Monstrous roots!
Don't know yet what it is, but interesting, huge thick leaves
Tom making his way to a small waterfall
Our daily rainbow

These little blue flowers were all along the trail

Another couple asked us to take a picture of them--
then we asked them to take one of us

Blue ocean and sky make awesome background
Ferns and foliage
Almost to the sandy beach

Some other people fording the stream we had to cross to get the the beach.
And the large pile of rocks to cross
Finally, the sandy beach (Kalalau Beach)-- we were greeted with rain!
No swimming allowed here!
Back the same way we came - more beauty to behold -
most likely a type of orchid

A whispy pine tree - Australian Pine
Traversing the trail

Zoomed in on some spectacular berries - Octopus plant
Impressive philedendrom
Tiny white berries

Another viney plant climbing a tree

Looking back at Kalalau Beach where the trail ended

Palm trees clacking in the wind. Almost back to the trailhead.
Another favorite

The distant peaks
It was sunny on the way back!

At the end of the hike we bought a drink
of fresh coconut milk in the shell with a straw in it,
from a guy selling them off the back of his truck.
It was refreshing!

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