Monday, November 7, 2011

Luau at Smith's Tropical Paradise

When we returned from the adventuresome Kalahua Trail hike Monday afternoon, we had a snack and got cleaned up for our Luau. The location for the Luau also included gardens that we toured with a short tram ride, then were able to walk around while we waited for the meal to begin. I decided to post mostly pictures of the flowers...
Grove of palm trees on the way to the luau

Entrance to "Paradise"
In the Smith Family Tradition

"Aloha", our new "Hello"!

My newly purchased sarong
Tom's Hawaiian shirt from home

Long-arm photography

Wandering peacock

Magenta Bougainvillea

Peachy Bougainvillea

Hibiscus twins!

Bird of Paradise


African Tulip Tree

African Tulip blossom


A type of wisteria?

More of blue blossoms

Tree full of blue blossoms
Speckled chicken in paradise

more chickens:

A young couple asked us to take their picture by the "Money Tree"
so they took ours also.

"Breadfruit" on Breadfruit Tree

Red Ginger
Native custom of digging up the baked pig for the luau meal

Tom insisted taking my picture with these guys, so I did!

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