Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poipu Beach on Nov 10

First thing this morning I went around outside the condo and took pictures of things I wanted to remember about this place in Poipu, Hawaii.

our condo

bougainvillea flowers in front of the sign

 condo address

 beautiful flower (Pride of Barbados)

 beautiful flower's bush by the pool

view of the pool from our deck

After fixing egg tacos for breakfast, we walked down the hill to the park so we could experience Poipu Beach, and of course...

our daily rainbow

and more flora (Queen Emma Lily)

this vine with fruit was growing on top of a rock wall

this Hawaiian gardenia is worn in the hair

 just the two of us

rocky beach

mossy rocks

It was sunny and nice so we found a spot for our towels and plopped down. We watched a guy surfing, and some families with children playing in the water.

that's Tom and me on the beach being beach bums

soaking up a rare moment of pure sunshine

 beachview of the snorkeling pool

looking up

I took more pictures of palm trees and had fun with that, as usual.

a surfer boy catching a wave

As we were leaving we talked to woman who had been snorkeling. She said that she had seen hundreds of fish, so we're going to try to do that tomorrow morning before we check out.

Going back up the hill to the condo I captured the mailboxes
and the perfect name for a Kauai newspaper
"The Garden Island"

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