Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snap Happy in Hananlei

November 6, 2011

While Tom went for a jog on the beach this morning I sauntered along the beach snapping pictures of things I thought were interesting such as these trimmed bushes.

Scultptured bushes

Some beached sailboats that were beckoning me
 to give them my attention.

This waterfall was also taken from my walk
 on the beach this morning.
I think it was more visible today because
 we had so much rain during the night.

  These little flowering bushes grow along
the edge of the beach.
  And here's Tom back from his jog.

And then there's a separate post of the chickens...

Before we went on our walk Tom had taken these objects of interest:
These are coconuts from a tree in the side yard.
  The coconut tree.

Bananas on the banana tree.

Berries on a tree next to the banana tree.

Goldl Dust Croton

Bougainvillea in the rain

Bougainvillea bush next door


Porch Pattern

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