Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Kilauea Lighthouse

November 6, 2011

After snapping pictures around Hanalei Beach we decided to go for a drive. We crossed the one lane bridge just outside the south side of Hanalei town, then stopped at the lookout points for Hanalei Bay, and the Hanalei Valley where the taro plant farms are located. When we arrived at the gate to the lighthouse park, it was not quite time for it to open, so we had time for photo ops of interesting vegetation. The site is also a National Wildlife Refuge for some endangered bird species.


This is a one lane bridge that you have to cross to go south from Hanalei.


Crossing the bridge

Some interesting seeds that were at the first lookout point.
I learned they are called "Octopus".

Overlooking Hanalei Bay

 Hanalei Bay

This lookout gave us a view of Hanalei Valley
where taro plants are grown.

Another view of the taro fields.
Looks like it's been raining! :)

A young man with a fancy camera took our picture.
He was one of those friendly tourist wanna-be resident kind.
We wished him the best!

Blue skies!


These trees form canopies. We like to call them umbrella trees.

Outside the park entrance

Pandanus Tree

   A blossom in a Pandnus tree at the Kilauea Lighthouse.


Pandanus Tree Fruit


Kilauea Lighthouse from the entrance gate of the park.
The crashing waves in the cove create a spectacular contrast
of blue sea and white foam!

Cliffside view of Kilauea Point and Lighthouse

We walked around the Kilauea Lighthouse grounds
and enjoyed the beautiful views.
In a few weeks it will probably be a good location
 to get a glimpse of some whales.

Close-up of the jut-out from the lighthouse lookout point

Wildlife at the Lighthouse - NeNe Goose

Vine on a fence outside the gate.

Tiny white flower

My best guess is monkeypod tree.

View from the lighthouse grounds

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