Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tunnels Beach, etc.


This reminds me of Hamilton Pool. It's the Waikanaloa Wet Cave in Ha'ena State Park. We stopped there for just a few minutes after having to turn around and leave Ke'e Beach State Park because there was no place to park. Ke'e Park has a trail that we're going to try to hike tomorrow.

That's me squinting in the bright sunlight.

 This cliff was looking down the road as we left the wet cave.

Our next delightful stop was Tunnels Beach.

The water at Tunnels Beach was magnificently ultramarine blue.
We sat on a bench and just kept looking at it for a while.

The sand stuck to our shoes so we took them off and washed them at the outdoor shower.

Dancing palms at Tunnels Beach

Majestic view of Tunnels Beach. We walked along it for a while.
The waves were huge and we took some videos.
Check it out!

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