Monday, February 13, 2012

Lottie Is Home!

Rachel, Perry, and I went to the Animal Specialty Hospital to pick up Lottie this afternoon. The tech there, Sam, was very congenial and gave us a quick tutorial of all the things we need to do to speed Lottie on her way to recovery!

Today, she is still rather lethargic because of the pain killer and Prednisone she's taking for inflamation. She slept in my arms for an hour after we got home. Oh, maybe 2 hours. It was good for the soul.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Perry had a snack and then took Rachel's packed up belongings to her car so she could be on her way to her new job as an outdoor leader at Camp Champions near Marble Falls. We will miss her!

I read through all the instructions to care for Lottie, then took her outside which she really liked. I used the sling they sent home with us for her back legs. She walked over to the compost bin and barked at some chirping birds, and walked back again. All that activity made her tired, so I placed her bed in a large laundry basket and tucked her in with some old towels. She fell asleep again in a matter of minutes. Snoring and everything. Now Tom is home so she'll get some more attention. :)

PS -- After Tom was home a while, I pinched Lottie's back paw and she moved it!!! This is the reaction we want. A little later I pinched the other one and she moved it too! Thank you God!

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