Friday, March 2, 2012

Congratulations, Tom!

Today marks the 30th anniversary for Tom and hal Systems Corporation!!! Yes, I said thirty years. His start date was March 2, 1982. The year we moved to Austin. Only, Tom commuted from San Antonio until our house sold, and then stayed with my Mom and Dad for several weeks while our house here in Austin was being built. I kept my job in San Antonio with Datapoint Corporation and lived with my friend Agnes Roca until we could move into our new house. We moved into the house the early part of May. I think I started my job with the City of Austin on May 18th or so... Can you believe we also went down to Corpus Christi to run the Beach to Bay Marathon Relay with some friends? I think that was a week later. Tom got to run the "killer bridge" leg of the relay. He hadn't had much time to run, so it was a little grueling for him.
Anyway, tonight we celebrated by going out to dinner. Tom chose Hula Hut! We hadn't been there for a long time because the wait has always been around an hour, so we would choose to go somewhere else. Tonight the wait was only 30 minutes, and it was a beautiful night to wait outside. While waiting we walked over to the dock and sat at a picnic table. The evening stars were just coming out and the clouds were moving away. It was nice to have a night to sit and reminisce, not only about Tom's time with hal Systems, but also about our trip to Hawaii because Hula Hut has an Hawaiian flare. The food was delicious. We had their tubular tacos with a margarita for me and a beer for Tom. I snapped a couple of pieces of artwork just for fun. Then we headed over to Mozart's for dessert. We shared a mini pecan pie a la mode. Yummm!

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