Monday, May 7, 2012

Congaree National Park

The boardwalk trail at Congaree National Park is really cool because you wouldn't be able to see the trees and muck that make up the park without getting all wet and muddy.
The park preserves a very unusual ecosystem.

 In some places the boardwalk is barely elevated above the ground,
but in others it is 10 to 20 feet above ground. The temp was cool because of
the density of the tall trees so Tom and I both wore our jackets.

We didn't see much wildlife, but we did see a wild turkey!
We tried to capture it on "film" but it was too fast for us.

These tiny little flowers were the most popular on this trail.

The boardwalk trail makes a loop. It's about 2 miles long.
I wore a lightweight jacket over a lightweight jacket! : )

Nice reflection. We expected the whole trail to look like this!

Cypress Tree "knees"!

Looking up the Cypress Tree!

These plants are of the same family as the famous palmettos.
South Carolina's namesake - The Palmetto State

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