Monday, May 7, 2012

Folly Beach

After an adventuresome day of touring historic and lovely Middleton Place; stopping for lunch including authentic Southern delicacies of fried green tomatoes in our burgers and fried pickles on the side; touring the one and only American Tea plantation; and viewing the ancient Angel Oak, we headed for the closest beach.

The beach we planned to find happened to have a very Hawaiian name - Kiawah Beach, and it only had one public access! Go figure, it was the home of some famous golf course where the next US Open Masters tournament was going to be held so they used a lot of discretion for their pote tial visitors or lost tourists. 

It was getting close to evening, so when we found gate for public access, it was locked and there was no parking close by. So we got out our GPS and searched for another beach in the area to no avail. Then we refered to the good old paper map to guide our way to Folly Beach. We found lots of public access points once we saw what the signs looked like. We parked the car, put on our jackets, put money in the slot, climbed the steps and crossed the ramp across the sand dune. And there we were, gazing on beautiful, dusky Folly Beach!

Looking to the east the clouds were reflecting the sunset.

A wide array of large and small beach houses lined the beach.
We especially liked this yellow one!

Palm trees silhouetted by post sunset at Folly Beach.

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