Friday, May 11, 2012

Lottie's Recovery!

Today I realized it's been three whole months since Lottie had back surgery! Her hair has grown back over the big rectangle that was shaven. She can run and jump and chase her ball again. She's as happy as ever and that makes us happy. She still has a swagger in her walk that comes off as clutsy, but it's still comical because she doesn't let it stop her or slow her down. Tom and I took her for a walk this evening around the little block and I only picked her up a couple of times. The extra exertion didn't seem to phase her because she still wanted to chase her ball after we got back in the house! This was only the second time she's gone around the block. Most of her exercise has just been hobbling around the yard sniffing whatever good stuff she can find. I'm so proud of Lottie! She's been a real trooper!

The outdoor picture was almost 3 weeks after surgery.

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