Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Middleton Place

On the way to Middleton Place
through the canopy of moss laden oaks

Reflection Pool

first impression
so quaint
lovely little blossoms


from front corner of house

sculptured gardens

front of house from butterfly ponds

Middleton House

Middleton Oak

Middleton Oak's trunk

That's me in front of Middleton Oak!

statue in the woods

Famous wood nymph statue was
recovered after being buried
during the Civil War.

pond in the woods

lily in the wild

alligator across the pond!

glorious camelia!!!

graceful reflection - blue heron
pretty flora

another bird
rice field
mill house for rice processing
view of the spring house and chapel (2nd floor)
from path near the mill house

path leads to foot bridge over the pond
swimming gator near foot bridge


late blooming azaleas

another large oak near the front of Middleton House

a closer look at the spring house landscaping

inside the spring house - cool spring water
fresh milk, cream, butter

out the chapel window above the springhouse

a little jaunt uphill to get to the house 

Steps to the main house that was gutted
by the Union Army, then totally tumbled
by the earthquake of 1886.

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