Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunny Day in San Francisco

Our last morning in San Francisco, Tom and I took a walk back
down to the Embarcadero and saw all these sights along the way.
Then it was time to return to our hotel, check out and head to the airport. 
 Sculpture featuring highlights of San Francisco 

 Transamerica Building
Blue Pantha Agapanthus 
 Tom at Sue Bierman Park near the Embarcadero
 Port of San Francisco Ferry Building Tower
 Sculpture at Justin Herman Plaza
 That's me!
 Embarcadero Center on Market Street
Beautiful purple blossoms - couldn't find a name - does anyone know?
 Cool Lamp Stand
 Hop on the Trolley here
 One of several heart sculptures in SF


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  1. picture #3 succulents to be envied... although barely, considering your collection!