Saturday, June 16, 2012

On the Way to Sausalito

Breakfast at Sears
Old Style Architecture on Wells Fargo Bank
Phelan Building
The Elegant Palace Hotel
Lavishly Decorated Dining Room
Floral Arrangement close-up by Greg Hahn
Columns and Chandeliers

Arched Glass Ceiling

Roses in Atrium Entrance by Greg Hahn
Lovely Lamp
"Would you like to wear some flowers in your hair?"
Arts and Crafts Fair near the Ferry Landing
Organic fruits and veggies
Melted glass bottles
Gardening Plants
NOT for Sale
Table Décor for one of the  outdoor booths
More arts and crafts in the San Francisco Ferry Building

Port of San Francisco Ferry Building
Darling Dishes! I wish I had bought them!
Recycled Wood Furniture
Nifty Vases
Time to embark!
Golden Gate Bridge

Greg and Tom

 Heda and me

Our Destination
The ferry that took us to Sausalito!
See "Afternoon in Sausalito" 

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