Friday, March 29, 2013

R+P -- Save the Date!

The date has been set
The venue reserved
A dress to be sewn
Which food will we serve?

Bridesmaids, groomsmen,
A preacher, and flowers
Honeymoon, wedding rings
Cake, pie, cookies or cobbler?

Decorations of weathered wood,
Lace doilies, Mason jars
Music, dancing, fun times
And - a getaway car?

Family and friends
Will gather together
To celebrate the love
You have for each other

Asking God for a blessing
As the planning continues
May all count it joy
At lovely Creekside venue! 

Oh Caterpillar...

Oh Caterpillar, oh Caterpillar, how lovely are your polka dots! You're chomping away at the blossoms of my 5 foot dill and getting fatter by the minute. How long will it take for your chubby body to morph into a chrysalis? Then miraculously complete the cycle of metamorphosis and slip out of your shell to reveal a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly. I'm hoping to get to see the final product of at least one of these fancy caterpillars!

Cabbage Rose

I never really thought about what a cabbage rose would look like, but I think this is it!
And it's right here in my backyard garden.