Thursday, February 27, 2014

65 Years Ago

Remembering my mama and daddy's wedding anniversary...

February 26, 1949
Ernst Lindig and Mathilde Clara Rode were married at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Doss, Texas.
The reception was held at the home of Seth and Selma Rode, Mathilde's parents.
The happy couple!
My mother still has her wedding dress. We used it as part of the décor at Mom and Dad's 45th wedding anniversary party. For the record, I tried it on before my wedding, but it was a little too tattered to wear, a little heavy for a July 24th wedding date, and a little too long for a shortie like me. Thus, I made my own dress out of white eyelet and lace. I copied a dress that I saw in Bride's magazine. It was perfect for my style and for the 101 degree temp on my wedding day.

These pictures were taken in front of the church.

Wedding party, left to right:
Ruth Rode Uesner, Emilie Lindig Hansen, Ida Honig Rode,
Mathilde and Ernst
Werner Lindig, Rupert Rode, Herbert Immel
Mathilde just turned 89 on February 4th. Ernst was a humble man who lived a long and good life until he went to his heavenly home on October 29, 2004. Ernst and Mathilde's faith and trust in God carried their family through many difficult and joyful times. Every evening, Ernst faithfully read scriptures from the Holy Bible to his family and we prayed the Lord's Prayer together. It was a way of life that laid the foundation for a relationship with God and respect for people. Mathilde is a great cook. She has always been interested in tasty recipes and wonderful desserts. She also loves people,  genealogy and her family. If you want to know what's going on in the world, just ask Mathilde. I am thankful for my parents, the life they gave me, and the values they taught me.

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  1. I enjoyed this very much! A story about your parents is also a story about you! You had great role models in many ways.